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Marfrío and Atunlo start up Central Lomera Portuguesa

Marfrío and Atunlo start up Central Lomera Portuguesa

On December 2, Central Lomera Portuguesa (CLP) was inaugurated.

A factory in which almost a hundred people are already working, processing high-quality tuna from sustainable fishing. And that will supply the high-end canning industry in Spain and Europe.

Javier Bascuas, responsable de la factoría, dando paso a los discursos de inauguración de Central Lomera Portuguesa

The new plant has an area of 14,000 square meters, enough space to continue growing. Of the current 90 workers, they plan to reach 300 when it is fully operational.

This inauguration goes hand in hand with the reform that Marfrío carried out in its facilities in Marín this year, to unload a minimum of 17,000 tons of tuna per year from the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

You can see the full news at: La Voz de Galicia and in Faro de Vigo.

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