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Octopus with pasta and tomato

Pulpo cocido con tomate y pasta

Servings: 3 Time: 20 minutes Difficulty: for beginners Ingredients A package of Marfrío cooked octopus tentacles 2 shallots 3 garlic cloves 1/2 onion 1 leek Half a branch of celery 500 gr of tomato sauce 4 pasta nests Salt, pepper, parsley and oregano Extra virgin olive oil White wine Cooking Sauté the chopped vegetables in … Read more

Tuna poke bowl

Poke Bowl de atún con arroz y ensalada

Servings: 1 Time: 20 mins cooking + 2 hours seasoning Level: beginner A Poke Bowl is a dish of Hawaiian origin, characterized by its freshness. A meal half between a salad and a complete combination plate on a nutritional level. Its portions are divided between carbohydrates (in this case rice), protein (in this case tuna) … Read more

Tuna pops

Pops de atún con empanados con cebolla

Servings: 2 Time: 10 mins Level: beginner Ingredients For the pops: Tuna pops Marfrio (400g) Oil for frying For the side dish Cherry tomato Lettuce Balsamic vinegar Olive oil Steps For the pops Without defrosting them, fry the pops in olive oil for 5 minutes, then drain. You can also cook them in the oven: … Read more

Grilled tuna with sesame

Rodaja de atún con sésamo a la plancha

Servings: 2 Time: 10 mins Level: beginner Ingredients 2 portions of tuna Red cabbage Chive Tangerine Avocado Salt Pepper Soy sauce Sesame seeds Steps For the grilled tuna Season tuna with salt and pepper, hence dip it in sesame seeds. Heat a pan with olive oil; briefly cook the tuna in both sides. Cut the … Read more

Battered squid rings

Anillas a la romana

Servings: 2 Time: 10 mins Level: beginner Ingredients Fot the rings: 1 bag of Marfrío battered squid rings (500 gr) Frying oil For the side dish Lettuce Carrot Tomato Lemon Mayonnaise Steps For the rings Without defrosting, fry in oil for 5 -7 minutes. Drain the excess oil and save the rings for later while … Read more

Breaded tuna fillet with sesame and soy

Filetes de atún empanados con sésamo y soja

Servings: 1 Time 10 mins Level: beginner Ingredients 2 Marfrío breaded tuna fillets Potatoes Frying oil Salad Cherry tomatoes Mayonnaise Steps For the tuna steaks Without defrosting them, fry the fillets al 190 ºC for 5-7 minutes For the side dish Fry the potatoes until they become golden brown and drain them. If you prefer … Read more

Grilled hake

Supremas de merluza a la plancha

Servings: 1 Time: 10 mins + 8 hours defrosting Level: beginner Ingredients For the hake: Marfrío hake (400 gr) For the side dish Salad Tomato Carrot Lemon Mayonnaise Preparación For the hake Defrost before cooking. It is advisable to leave them to defrost the night before in the fridge. Once defrosted, cook on a grill … Read more

Squid bundles

Coca de calamar, receta Marfrio

Servings: 6 Time: 30 mins Level: medium Ingredients Fot the dougth: Water Olive oil 15 gr butter Salt 5 gr yeast 250 gr flour 50 gr butter to finish the dough For the filling: 300 gr squid 2 onions 2 peppers 1 zucchini 1 clove of garlic Steps Fot the dougth: Mix in a bowl, … Read more

Squid with chantilly cream

Receta de calamares rellenos

Servings: 5 Time: 1 hour Level: medium Ingredients For the squid: 1kg Marfrío squids 15-20 prawns Asparagus For the Chantily cream 250ml cream 4 egg white For the velouté 30 gr butter 30 gr flour 500 ml fumet garlic 1 leaf of bay Parsley Olive oil For the caramelized onion Olive oil 1 onion 2 … Read more

Wellingtong hake

Merluza wellington, receta Marfrio

Servings: 5 Time: 40 mins Level: beginner Ingredients For the hake: 5 hake fillets 1kg puff pastry 5 slices of York ham 5 slices of cheese For the mornay sauce: 1l of béchamel 300 gr grated cheese Black pepper Mustard Steps For the sauce Heat the bechamel and add grated cheese in a casserole. Stir … Read more